The Friday afternoon TS name chase

No doubt most of you have at some point used the internet to find out what is listed under your own name. TS did just this recently. Unfortunately just takes you to a company called ticket solutions which is not particularly interesting, in our opinion at least.

Undeterred, we though that instead we would try some of the more prominent names in the world of accountancy, with some far more intriguing results. For instance, takes you to the site of an estate agent, who promises to help ‘sellers and buyers fulfil their dreams’. A bit like our John really.

Switching firms, seems to take you to a land of Nicks although as it is proclaiming the winners of the 2001 US college basketball championships, we suspect it may be a bit out of date.

But perhaps the most surprising comes from putting in the name of PwC partner and former ICAEW president Peter Wyman. We should warn those that want to visit the site that it may not be to everyone’s taste, but who would have though that Peter had such an artistic steak in him.

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