Free ride for free spirits

Oblivion Who says bean counters are boring? Not TS that’s for sure. Remember the time when lots of lovely accounting bods (and bodesses) strapped themselves naked into a roller coaster to break a world record?

But now, we might be seeing a lot more accountants significantly adjusting their risk profile thanks to the kind folk at theme park Alton Towers. Sparked by the Hong Kong University study last week, accountants are to be given the chance to shrug off the dullard tag by getting in free of charge and trying all the rides without spending a penny of their own money.

Alton Towers spokesman Mike Lorimer told the Manchester Evening News that the theme park is challenging all accountants to ‘prove that they are up for a thrill’ by urging them to ‘escape the monotony of spreadsheets’ and instead check out the stomach-churning Oblivion ride

Alan Hyams, the president of the Manchester Society of Chartered Accountants, backed the bean counting profession and said that accountants were ‘no more boring than any other professional people’. ‘They do interesting things outside of their jobs, such as charity work, climbing mountains, playing sports and other hobbies.’

Hyams added that ‘if he had the time’ then he would take up the Alton Towers offer and recommend that his committee did the same.

To gain free entry, accountants must show their professional ID. TS thinks it’s a great idea, we just hope everybody remembers their clothes this time.

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