Fighting talk in the ranks

AbdulIs it TS or are accountants seemingly desperate to get out of the profession these days? If not masquerading as stand-up comediennes, punk-rockers or seemingly special agents, they’re getting seven bells knocked out of them.

News reaches us that 29-year-old Manchester-based accountant Abdul Rashid is quitting the profession to become a professional boxer. The South Manchester Reporter tells us that Rashid is putting down his pencil and putting on the gloves, with his first professional fight taking place in Wigan. TS wishes him a bunch of luck, but suspects his devotion to accountancy has been on the wane for some time.

Rather than the full-on dedication to bookkeeping you might expect, apparently, his latest jobs have been appearing as an extra in such TV classics as Coronation Street, Hollyoaks and No Angels. Knockout!

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