Tax free handouts

Ashes As TS stepped off the 8.56am at Victoria Station bleary eyed from having celebrated the glorious Ashes victory against the Aussies, it was shocked to see several suited and perhaps older-than-average ‘marketing bunnies’ handing out free gifts to passing commuters.

As TS rubbed its specs to see a little clearer it noticed to its amazement that the folk dishing out the goodies were in fact Chartered Institute of Taxation members with masses of CIOT emblazoned plastic bags clasped between their fiscal fingers.

Unfortunately, the commuters were as confused as TS and, it has to be said, vaguely upset at receiving a bag containing a taxation supplement run by a national newspaper, a CIOT leather bookmark (just like the ones you used to buy when you went on school trips) and a leaflet encouraging people to choose a career as a tax adviser. It’s certainly a far cry from the free smoothie, fun-sized snack bar or miniature can of deodorant that is usually thrust into your hand on the concourse.

Still, at least there was the chance of winning a two-night stay in the US city of Boston if you knew the answer to which Prime Minister was responsible for the Boston tea party tax revolt. TS just wonders how many ordinary people in the street would know the response?

If you don’t fancy answering that how about paying the CIOT a visit during its tax debate this evening? Then again, you could watch England’s Ashes victory parade instead.

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