TS up against the wall at BBC

Zarin_patel As a respected authority on all things accounting, TS has always believed that it sets the standard for financial excellence. Nevertheless, the profession’s number one gossip column was delighted to discover that its reputation was indeed highly regarded during a soirée with accounting’s elite.

In between clinking glasses with Paul Boyle and organising coffee with Suzzane Wood, TS bumped into BBC FD Zarin Patel when reaching for a prawn cocktail.

TS’s devoted readers may recall a report on the back page about how Patel had two iPods, one for each kind of music she liked. Well, it turns out that Patel has mounted and framed the said TS page.

‘When you make the TS page, you know you’ve arrived,’ the BBC finance chief admits. Thanks for the confirmation Zarin, TS always suspected as much.

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