Boys will be boys

Nick_land_court_1Full marks to both Equitable and E&Y for macho posturing throughout the case. E&Y said Equitable’s case was ‘completely devoid of merit’ and ‘increasingly directionless and confused’, with Jonathan Gaisman QC leading the charge for scornful remarks.

Nick Land (pictured) finished with a triumphant declaration that it was disappointing not to have had the opportunity to ‘ultimately crush’ Equitable in court.

But top prize for bluster must go to Vanni Treves, who said before the trial started: ‘In all litigation, there is always an element of bluster, but I am deadly serious. This is no game of cat and mouse. I hope they realise this before we inflict grievous damage. We will wipe them out.’

Chillingly, he added:‘We are reasonable people. And we do not want to ruin E&Y or the livelihoods of its partners and their families. Unless we have to.’

Not this time.

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