Building Public Distrust

Last week’s Building Public Trust awards to celebrate corporate disclosure – now an annual event at a swanky London hotel­ did not quite go the way host PricewaterhouseCoopers would have hoped.

Not only were the judges unimpressed by much of what they had seen, they didn’t hold back in letting the crowd know. Chairman Sir Andrew Likierman admitted to ‘disappointment’ with the quality, and complained of being ‘left guessing’ about some aspects of disclosure. Professor David Begg felt the same. Morley’s Anita Skipper endured ‘some frustrations’ in judging remuneration policies. And Nick Anderson from Insight Investment didn’t seem any more enthused. To be fair, each judge commended the shortlist and the winners.

But it fell to PwC’s Glyn Barker to try and end the evening on an upbeat note. ‘Despite some mealy-mouthed comments earlier on all deserved to be recognised,’ he said.

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