Equitable lawyer shows his credentials

Whither the lawyers in the Equitable/Ernst & Young saga? TS is sure you are anxious to know.

At least in the shot term, some of them might have to do a bit of web editing. Equitable’s lawyers were the less than terrifying Herbert Smith, and Iain Milligan QC of 20 Essex Street chambers.

Herbert Smith’s litigation partner Charles Plant still has the case on his list of online credentials, in which Herbies, as they are known, forced a sum of, er, nothing, out of Ernst & Young, having sought over £2bn. What an achievement!

Interested readers should hot foot it to the following site to see for themselves.

Milligan’s own site lists the case but without saying which side he was on (a clever ruse). The puff for the chambers is less adroit. Time to get the clerks on to it, perhaps.

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