E&Y’s Land gets Chiles-ish

Chiles_adrianMuch glee was in evidence at the E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year awards last week after the firm’s victory over Equitable. Rumour has it that other big firms had been fulsome in their congratulations to top man Nick Land on the case settlement ­ all, that is, except for PwC. But after the firm provided expert witness testimony in the case for Equitable’s side, perhaps that was to be expected.

The awards themselves provided some unintended hilarity too. Not only did E&Y have hired clappers on hand to lead the winners up to the front, ushering them onstage with a dramatic flourish, Land was also on form in his vote of thanks to Adrian Chiles, the compere for the evening. ‘Thank you Adrian, for keeping everything going at such a pace,’ Land said, ‘and some of your jokes were really very funny.’ Only some?

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