Diplomatic ‘vodka incident’

Russian_vodkaTS was lying on the sofa this week working its way through its collection of Cold War films ­ the danger, action scenes and over-the-top accents were very exhilarating.

Of course, we prefer to experience these thrills from the safety of our lounge, but Ernst & Young partner Michael Lynch-Bell is a much bolder individual. Lynch-Bell, you see, has been working in Kazakhstan, but instead of running for cover from Mig 25s and nuclear submarines as TS might imagine, he has encountered dangers of a different kind.

Looking slightly bleary-eyed, Lynch-Bell admitted that he had been forced to endure a ‘vodka incident’ by his over enthusiastic hosts while in the country, which TS understands cost him six hours of one working day.

If any reader wants to hear of TS’ Chateau Lafitte incident, just send a bottle or two our way.

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