PwC blogs on

Here at TS we’re not too proud to promote the blog activities of others that we might happen to stumble upon, provided it offers a strategic synergy with our own core activities (that’s marketing speak for also accounting related).

But imagine the surprise when Big Four players PwC announced that it had entered the new Millennium and taken up the blog challenge.

The firm’s UK finance and treasury leader Mohammed Amin will blog on all things finance and treasury-related, unsurprisingly.

But before you rush off to read his first posting, bear in mind that his chosen subject for the day is a look at the ‘possible implication of the amended definition of a derivative contract’, considering ‘whether a forward purchase of shares where a large deposit is paid up-front could now fall within the definition’.

If that’s still up your street, then take a visit. But come back to TS when you’re done.

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