Round the world ego trip

Barclays_yachtSometimes TS gets ideas above its station, or an inflated sense of self importance. But we are very soon brought back down to earth with a bump. We can still hear the laughter ringing in our ears from the time we told the office that TS should be moved to the front page.

Naguib Kheraj, Barclays’ CFO (read his interview on page 18 of this week’s mag), may have had a similar experience recently where he got very excited on a trip to Boston. Wandering into a bar, he saw that every hoarding in the vicinity was plastered with Barclays ad material.

‘For me? You shouldn’t have,’ he thought. Little did he realise, the Barclays Global Challenge ­ the round the world yacht race ­ was shortly to arrive in the harbour. Not for you, Naguib, not for you.

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