Exactly what it says on the tin


TS loves a good slogan. In our opinion there’s nothing finer than a well-run campaign with a good catchphrase. Lines like ‘because you’re worth it’, ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’, or ‘beanz meanz Heinz’ always stick in our memory.

Well, now we can add another to that list of greats, with the ICAEW’s crusade to highlight the benefits to clients of using its members: ‘You can count on a chartered accountant.’

TS admires the exceptional use of the word ‘count’, as it ensures that we understand that, not only can we rely on our accountant, but also that they can actually count. Pure genius.

Mind you, this catchy slogan still has some way to go to top the title of a similar campaign from a few years back: ‘It’s easier to sleep with a chartered accountant.’

Now that classic line was nothing less than finger lickin’ good.

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