No way, Jose

TS is thrilled that accounting is going through a boom period – mainly as it keeps us in a job. More graduates than ever before want to join the profession, three of the Big Four have been cited by university students as some of the most popular companies in the UK and the Accountancy Age careers fair a few weeks ago drew in thousands of hungry bean counting wannabes.

So TS was equally delighted to see a full page KPMG ad in a financial broadsheet last week announcing the firm’s 574 new worldwide partners.

A big congrats from TS goes out to all the new partners, but we were slightly curious to discover that beside the large number of names for partners in the US and UK, there was just the one for Portugal.

The name of this Portuguese partner: Jose Portugal.

We just hope that poor Jose isn’t, as his name suggests to TS, running a one-man operation out there.

TS can’t wait for next year’s list and is keeping its fingers crossed that Bob Burkina Faso gets the recognition he so richly deserves.

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