If the cap fits…


Confession time. TS, in its early days, longed to star in school drama Grange Hill. Thoughts of that glorious theme tune, the sadly late Mr Bronson shouting at blazered little oiks for being late for double French and the beautifully awful anti-drugs charity record ‘Just Say No’ still send shivers down the spine.

But TS isn’t the only little rascal harking back to the days of catapults, wedgies and behind-the-bike-sheds naughtiness. At the launch of the £5m business tax research centre at the Said Business School at Oxford University, Dave Hartnett, director general of HMRC gave a speech explaining how he and Jon Symonds, the soon-to-depart Hundred Group chairman, after inspecting the facilities, would ‘love to become students again’.

TS can’t wait for the taxman to deliver on his promise. In fact, we still have a small pair of shorts and a matching cap if big Dave’s interested?

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