Asking for trouble

TS was mightily impressed with Steve Gazzard, young UK finance director of big business software company SAP.

We enjoyed having a chat with a software bloke that didn’t involve him shifting nervously in his seat while explaining away ‘implementation problems’ associated with big IT disasters.

Steve even pointed out that that SAP had not had any headlines of this nature for ages. Indeed, we all know that the saying: ‘nobody got sacked for picking IBM’ has oft been swapped for ‘SAP’ in recent years.

But….it appears Steve put the wicked spell on his company, as news has come out from the US Government Accountability Office that the US Navy has wasted a billion bucks (nearly £600m) on four ERP planning pilot projects.

Ironically it seems that IBM, Deloitte & Touche and EDS had been involved in these pilots.

Oh well, TS is sure that Steve may think twice about tempting fate again.

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