So who was the first institute?

You may have realised that relationships between some of the institutes aren’t exactly healthy at the moment. The fallout from the failed merger attempt have left relations a little, shall we say, frosty ­ especially over the name issue.

So TS felt it was our duty to stir the pot at the Accountancy Age Awards among some of those close to the ICA(EW), with delightful results. When suggesting to one FCA that ICAS may have a point over the name, given they were the first institute, the answer came back:  ‘Well actually they were not.’

A monologue followed on how, despite ICAS priding themselves on being the first accounting institute to receive a royal charter, the English had preceded them.  Well known fact or just bluster? TS isn’t sure but would love to hear more thoughts on this subject, especially from the Scots. Just post a comment below.

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