Breaking the Eubank

Chris_eubankTS read with sadness that former world boxing champion Chris Eubank had lost his two-year battle to stave off bankruptcy. Last week the Royal Court of Justice dealt the knock out blow on behalf of HM Revenue & Customs, to which Eubank owed £1.3m.

It always seems to be the nicest, most humble people that have the toughest times.

Saying that, perhaps circumstances would have been different had Eubank not called the taxman ‘a gangster’ back in 1992.

Of course, out of tragedy comes opportunity, and TS will be avidly scanning ebay for any mention of articulated trucks, or outrageously expensive jodpurs for sale. Better still, there may be the chance to regain the title of Lord of the Manor of Brighton. Then we’ll show those south coast types what’s what.

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