Is Gordon messing with CIoT?


Some have suggested that Gordon Brown chose December 5 to deliver his PBR speech unaware that it was the Chartered Institute of Taxation’s 75th anniversary bash that very night. But TS can scotch such rumours as we can reveal that the chancellor was actually invited to the do. Of course, this discovery opens up an entirely different possibility, namely that he did it deliberately.

Gordon has not been a big fan of tax advisers, who do their level best to reduce his tax take and throw his sums out of kilter. It was chosen, it seems, because Tony Blair was around that day.

Earlier this week, TB gave an insight into their working relationship during a protestor-interrupted speech at the CBI conference. Talking about pensions, he thundered: We cannot afford . . .’ when a mobile phone interupted. Quick as flash, he said: ‘That’ll be the chancellor then.’

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