Jingle all the way

Humbug_a_very_bad_santaToday (1 December) signals the start of advent, the annual run-up to Christmas in which the streets around TS towers become overcrowded with manic shoppers. It also marks the onset of TS’s annual tirade against the commercialisation of ‘Xmas’ with everyone seemingly using the festive season to plug their wares or services.

So hearty congratulations go out to ACCA for getting in the first Christmas press release of the season. Tax guru Chas Roy-Chowdhury tells us to make sure you keep an eye on costs for the annual office bash, which has exemptions up to £150 per head, or you could end up with ‘a tax hangover’.

TS eagerly awaits the inevitable arrival of releases on tax for employee gifts, saving money through e-cards and the all-important warning of HR fallout from drunken party antics. We’ll let you know when we see them.

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