Lawyers steal CCAB thunder

Now, we all know that CCAB institutes have got the hump with each other ­ but at least getting together as the ‘umbrella body of choice’ every now and again allows them the chance to get annoyed with other professional bodies.

Following Brown’s announcement of tax-spreading relief for firms affected by new revenue recognition rules, the Law Society rushed out a press release saying that all its hard work, with some help from the CCAB, had led to the relief.

Unfortunately, one CCAB member was a little less than pleased with this statement, as it was the CCAB members that had done all the donkey work, according to those in the know. It also turns out that the lawyers suddenly reneged on sending out a joint press release with them.

Frankly, TS thinks that the CCAB should know what working with lawyers is about by now, and only have themselves to blame.

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