E&Y gets teeth into saucy holidays

TS, a once-keen partygoer in Ibiza, and former frequenter of the Costa Del Sol and Majorca during the heady days of the ’80s, was stirred to read today that cheeky Club 18-30, the holiday company that gained a ‘certain reputation’ for its drinking, and erm…other things, could be sold after the accountants got involved.

Those lucky guys and gals at Ernst & Young are currently undertaking a strategic review for Club 18-30 owners Thomas Cook which has thrown up the possibility of the £30m sale of 18-30 and three other subsidiaries.

TS just wonders what this strategic review involved. Could they be checking that 18-30 holiday reps aren’t wasting precious assets by missing the mouths of holiday-goers while pouring Sangria down their throats on the infamous booze cruises?

Senior partners playing a game of pass the balloon without your hands by a swimming pool in Magaluf also provokes quite an evocative image, doesn’t it?

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