More Enron winners than losers?

Smartest_guys With just two weeks to go until Enron bosses Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling face trial over alleged financial shenanigans, TS noted with interest that a US movie documentary called ‘Enron, The Smartest Guys in the Room’ is set to be released on DVD.

Indeed, a veritable cottage industry has sprung up since the Enron debacle, including a Playboy video featuring former Enron employees (Women of Enron), a rap single Corporate America by former employee David Tonsall, singing as N Run, and no less than 10 books.

Given the energy giant’s collapse left tens of billions of dollars of debt among institutional stakeholders, smaller shareholders – and Enron staff lacking in severance pay – perhaps prosecutors should be looking to garner some kind of return from the post-Enron economy.

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