Storm in a teapot

What_do_you_think_bargain_huntersTalk of an ICAEW/IFA ‘alliance’ has become an even hotter topic in TS Towers than our frequent discussions on the proliferation of television antiques shows.

Amazingly, a recent chat with IFA chief executive Malcolm Dean revealed a link between our two favourite conversations. Dean, it turns out, is a keen collector of teapots ­ you know, the nice little antique types you often see on Flog It!, Bargain Hunt and the myriad other auction shows that flood our screens. Sorry, TS is digressing again.

Anyway, Dean admitted to TS that one potential bargain he got his hands on, the purchase of a nice Clarice Cliff pot, proved to be a dud. Hopefully there’s no analogy between that and discussions between the institutes.

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