Top billing from BDO

We all know that BDO is trying to take on the Big Four, at least in some areas, and it looks as if the mid-tier firm could also be after some of its staff. TS was taking its usual route to work when it occurred to us that the bulk of BDO’s recruitment advertising seemed to centre around Charing Cross station, a short hop from the HQ of the UK’s top accounting firm.

So are there any major Big Four offices around, or under, the station, that BDO might want to target?

Jeremy Newman, head honcho at BDO, tells TS that the ads are targeted ‘at major stations’. The point, he says, is that commuters in will see the ads and realise that, if they worked for BDO, they could work from one of BDO’s many offices nearer to their homes.

TS suspects that if those commuters just happen to be on their way to work at 1 Embankment Place, BDO would not be too upset.

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