Accountancy Big Brother?

TS has been watching the antics of cute and cuddly Pete Burns, Michael Barrymore et al in the Big Brother household with great interest, which has got those within TS Towers thinking what a Big Brother for accountants would be like!

First in the house would be HMRC firebrands Dave Hartnett and Chris Tailby, providing loads of entertainment when pitted against KPMG’s tax expert Loughlin Hickey and his Deloitte counterpart Bill Dodwell.

Then for his sheer uniqueness Ken Frost, he of the anti-ICAEW/CIPFA merger blog, would be an automatic choice.

And what would a BB house be without some institute rivalry between ICAEW head Eric Anstee, ICAS boss Des Hudson and CIMA chief executive Charles Tilley.

TS can see it now, Burns would be put to shame.

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