Top ten firm in scam shocker

TS is sure by now most of you have come across the odd message in your inbox offering you the opportunity to get hold of millions of pounds. The Nigerian 419 scam, as it is known, tempts the gullible by offering a share in a fairly dodgy windfall by simply providing your bank account details. Your account is then emptied.

But this morning TS received such an offer claiming to be from Richard Champion, head of finance at Smith & Williamson, causing significant coffee spillage.

A call to the firm obviously confirmed that S&W and Champion had absolutely nothing to do with the email. In fact, the firm has been used in this way by scammers before, although it is only recently that the real name of a firm member has been used.

S&W is on top of the situation, having informed the police and clients about the deception.

But just for one fleeting fraction of a second, TS thought its long hours of schmoozing contacts in the profession might finally have paid off big time.

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