The ultimate con-artist

TS was intrigued by the story of conman Timothy Worel, who passed himself off as a ‘highly qualified individual in accountancy’, according to prosecutor Leighton Hughes.

Worel was given a two-year sentence after dishonestly placing a string of meaningless letters on his business card, while committing seven trade description offences, including making false statements and trying to defraud. Worel also lied about having an Open University science degree, and invented a CV to get a job with an Essex firm.

Hughes told the court one of the bogus qualifications on the cards used the letters ACIT, stating: ‘Whatever this means, it has nothing to do with accountancy.’

TS wondered if anyone out there had an ACIT qualification, or if your business card has a long stream of qualifications? Let TS know by posting your comments below.

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