Deloitte stops staff barbeque

Firewalking We’ve all heard stories about the potentially miraculous power of the mind over matter, but TS still isn’t really sure if this has a place in the world of accountancy. The latest story to come our way doesn’t do anything to change this view.

A senior Deloitte accountant was taken to hospital and was out of work for two weeks following a, shall we say unusual, accident in a Southwark car park.

A part of a confidence-building event, the poor soul suffered some nasty burns after attempting a bit of firewalking. Apparently this is normally quite a safe exercise but the victim had unfortunately been given a pedicure a few days previously and the chemicals used seem to have made her feet a lot more sensitive to the hot embers.

The company responsible for the exercise, Si Group, has been fined after admitting it did not carry out adequate risk assessment.

Fortunately, Deloitte has now poured cold water on this activity. TS reckons this is probably just as well or its staff may start hotfooting it to less fiery firms.

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