Accounting troubles for IT glitterati

Bill_gates TS was perusing pages of The Inquirer, which we can now proudly call our sister site, when it came across this little gem about Bill Gates and the IRS supercomputer to calculate his taxes. You have to wonder if the Rev would employ the same tactic here for the rich and famous, and if it did whether it would manage it without the computer exploding or some such.

Hot on the heels of that, we see a story about another IT mega millionaire (and Gates’ main rival) Larry Ellison, who has been having a spot of bother with his finances. Apparently his lavish lifestyle meant that he was close to breaching his $1bn credit limit on several occasions.

TS has no problems with living it up, we just want to find out where you can get that kind of facility from a short notice. It might stop those large men dressed in black knocking at the door day and night.

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