Boozer buy gives NHS bailiff hangover


On occasion we all find ourselves splashing out on something a bit lavish on a whim, only to regret it at a later date when the wolves are at the door. TS is still paying (heavily) for its decision back in the 80s to buy and customize a Pontiac Trans-Am to look like KITT from Knight Rider. We may have no food in the cupboard, but still look the business cruising around town on a Sunday afternoon.

But its not just people who can find themselves in the clarts on an impulse buy. It seems NHS trusts can too. The University Hospitals of Leicester trust recently had the bailiffs round after failing to pay for, among other things, its purchase of the Pride of Leicester pub. We are led to understand that the pub was bought as part of a plan to expand the Royal Infirmary, but TS suspects otherwise.

What better way to keep an eye on the student doctors and nurses than to give them their own drinking hole?

The trust had also, less interestingly, failed to pay its business rates and the men in black coats didn’t leave the headquarters of the body until the bills had been paid. Well, at least they have a place to drown their sorrows in.

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