More than a job’s worth

TS recently asked readers to send in ridiculous business qualification acronyms, such as ACIT, or those with the biggest number of titles tagged on to their business cards.

The Prince’s Foundation for the Built Environment FD Neil Goulder admitted that he was once an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Transport, while Rupen Mullick said all accountants should be ACIT: able, competent, intelligent and thorough.

However, the person who impressed us the most was Kenneth Kilvington who, alongside his degree, masters and philosophy doctorate, has seven, yes SEVEN, professional qualifications as well, making his business card look somewhat cluttered to say the least. Here we go… FCMA, FCCA, ACIS, MIMC, CMC, MCMI and, finally, FRSA…phew! Just don’t ask TS what they all mean.

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