Sugar spun in wrong direction

SugarReaders of TS over the years will be aware that we are no strangers to exploiting populist themes for our own advantage. TV shows are a particular favourite, and from time to time we’ve even been contacted by programme producers who want to get accountants to sign up for their latest brainwave of a reality TV show.

And in hanging on the coattails of telly hits, we are certainly not alone. Take the latest piece of research from the Association of Accounting Technicians ahead of the premiere of the second series of ‘The Apprentice’ (on Wednesday 22 February).

In it, the body asked 130 of its members, who are or have been apprentices, who they thought should have won the first series out of the final five contestants . Apparently they preferred James rather than actual winner Tim. It seems, from this study, that Alan Sugar got it wrong, which for some strange reason just doesn’t shock us.

If TS had watched the show, we may have passed comment on this view, but instead we will simply stick to extracting the Michael out of spurious surveys.

If anyone else has views on any of last year’s winner, or even the new series, feel free to post them below. Just click on the comment button.

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