Bank fancies change, after 86 years

SladeEvery now and then TS fancies a change. You know the thing, having a ham and brie sandwich instead of the normal ham and cheddar for lunch. So it’s really no surprise that long standing institutions do the same from time to time.

Look at the Bank of England. It fancied a change of auditor after 86 years, meaning poor old PricewaterhouseCoopers, which had been with the bank since records began, was left holding the door open for KPMG as it exited the building, metaphorically speaking.

‘It’s standard practice to go through a change of auditors,’ said the Bank. TS would love to see the bank’s procedures for auditor selection as penned in 1920. No doubt it will read something like: ‘Our decision to appoint an external auditor will be reviewed in 2006’.

Still, we all need to clear out the cobwebs from time to time. The move has inspired TS to finally chuck out those platform heels we purchased in 1973 after seeing Slade on Top of the Pops. But we will miss wearing them.

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