Putt your taxes in order

Fore_ts_misses_the_ball_againGolf and accountancy are certainly not uncomfortable bedfellows. TS can only imagine how many deals are struck around the course or at the 19th hole. That’s no doubt why Accountancy Age is holding a Masters Golf Tournament in May, where TS will be hacking away in bunkers and swearing loudly.

But the golf accountancy link goes even further. So much so that Ian Fleming (not that one obviously) from Armstrong Watson has written a book about ‘the turbulent history and pitfalls encountered by golf clubs from a VAT point of view’.

‘I’m a keen golfer and although it may seem odd, golf clubs have had a lot of problems with VAT since the system started,’ explains Fleming.

A Walk down the Fairway of Value Added Tax can be purchased direct from Spiramus Press at £16.95.

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