Auditor’s trail of destruction

TS has always thought that the mark of a good auditor is the ability to say calm and collected in the toughest of situations. A certain coolness is required to maintain that sense of objectivity and independence.

Unfortunately this isn’t always the case once they are out of the office, as has been proved by auditor Jason Lonsdale, who has been given a nine-month suspended jail sentence for trashing his ex-lover’s home.

Lonsdale was sentenced at Burnley Crown Court after breaking into the Barnoldswick home of Wendy Crowe, a previous sweetheart of two years, daubing insulting and offensive graffiti on her walls and leaving offensive messages on her answering machine.

Heavy drinking at a Christmas do had thrown Lonsdale into a fit of jealousy, and the judge admitted the turn was out of character, hence the suspended sentence.

TS just wonders whether the case painted a ‘true and fair view’ of Lonsdale.

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