Hot gossip from the CIPFA party

Chantelle_didnt_make_the_cipfa_guest_lisOnce again, thanks to our unrivalled access to the London party scene, TS brings you the news that Now and Heat magazine dare not print.

You can keep your Posh and Becks and your Preston and Chantelle, we say to our so-called rivals, for last week we found ourselves at the CIPFA annual dinner. And the guest list ­ made up of those who do nothing but stalk the corridors of power, the lobbies of influence and the lift shafts of decisions ­ was little short of the eighth wonder of the world.

But the highlight came in the bar afterwards. Huddled in the corner were none other than the chief executives of CIPFA, ICAEW and CIMA. Unfortunately, TS failed to get close enough to messers Freer, Anstee and Tilley to confirm the topic of conversation ­ the lure of another gin and tonic saw to that.

But if the words ‘merger vote’, ‘by 2007’ and ‘let’s meet soon’ didn’t crop up, we’ll eat all three institute membership books.

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