Donovan’s new show ditched

Jason_contemplates_next_career_moveJust over a year ago, Accountancy Age ran a profile of former soap star turned pop star turned West End star Jason Donovan, who had starred as an accountant in a new TV show.

The brainchild of ACCA chief executive Allen Blewitt ­ Loot is the story of one man, a forensic accountant no less, and his various travails to uncover the truth.

Unfortunately for Blewitt, it looks like the pilot show was a one-off, after it was deemed ‘too highbrow’ for the barbie-loving Aussies. A shame, as Donovan seemed keen on the role: ‘It’s a human story about tragedy as a result of greed, and that can be found in many stories. It’s just that I happen to be wearing an accountant’s hat while telling it.’

Whatever hat he was wearing, it didn’t quite fit it seems. TS suggests that a little bit of lobbying in the direction of terrestrial channel Five, for a midday slot. TS has been invited to a screening and promises to post on the blog afterwards.

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