Rockin’ ringtones

Iron_maiden_ring_tone_the_hillsTS is always amused when Paddy Behan, VAT expert at Grant Thornton, encourages us to ‘keep the faith’ just before he signs off his phone calls. So the following should be of no surprise really.

While discussing the significance of the Halifax-ECJ decision, Paddy had to leave the office in a rush, but told us to call him on his mobile, promising he would turn it up loud to ensure he would hear it.

‘I’ll put it on Black Sabbath’s Paranoid, then I’ll be sure to hear you,’ Behan told us. Behan’s choice of the classic rock tune establishes him as a man of great taste in TS’ eyes, and also inspired us to start another one of our legendary, no prize, TS contests.

We’d love to hear from you which members of the profession have the most interesting, and perhaps inappropriate, ringtones.

Does Mike Rake’s phone play the infamous KPMG song on the train home? Does Mark Otty’s mobile blast out Run to the Hills by Iron Maiden, while he’s out jogging? Anyone with any information on the profession’s favourite ringtones ­ post a comment here or email us and let us know.

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