David ‘100 jobs’ Mills

Tessa_jowell David Mills, of Tessa Jowell fame, seems to have had a relatively pleasant time when dealing with the taxman over the last few years.

Despite being a tax lawyer and not having declared his alleged £350,000 ‘gift’, Mills’ eventual settlement with HMRC reportedly only involved a modest 30% penalty from the taxman.

TS has been doing some research into Mr Mills. It wasn’t as rigorous as KPMG’s vast report
into the network of deals that Berlusconi was allegedly involved in, but it did yield some new numbers.

Those who have a look at Mills’ company directorships will find, as TS did, that he has been very busy.

Companies House lists Mills as having five current appointments, 46 resigned appointments and 54 dissolved appointments.

TS was labouring under the belief that Mills was a specialist in offshore arrangements, so it is a surprise his interests are so firmly fixed at home.

Is there anyone out there who can claim more former and current directorships? Suggestions below, please.

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