Colin’s plane crazy

Colin_dayColin Day, top finance bod at Reckitt Benckiser, exercised an awful lot of shares last week ­ 220,000 to be precise, netting himself a good £2m in the process.

Was this a sign that Colin was on his way out, some wondered? After all, he did tell us that he’d been there for a while and didn’t like to hang around at any one company for too long.

Apparently not. TS understands that Colin simply needed a bit of spare cash in order to buy…a plane.

Yup, he is apparently a huge plane enthusiast, and although TS doesn’t currently have any information on what type of plane he wanted, any rumours that he’s off to Imperial Tobacco can be scotched here and now.

Not that this passion was shared by a rather po-faced Reckitt spokeswoman when we called to find out more about the situation.

‘There’s no question of Colin leaving,’ was all we could get out of her. Perhaps a spin in Colin’s new toy might help let the hair down a bit more in future.

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