They made a mug out of Michael

A_less_fortunate_mug_yesterdayTS is no stranger to the odd bit of office japery, after all it really is the only way to get through the mind numbing tedium of the day. But we still have some way to go to catch up with the jokers at E&Y.

Michael Lynch-Bell, who appeared in TS last year due to an unfortunate ‘vodka incident’, recently lost his beloved mug.

The loss prompted a series of, er, hilarious e-mails from staff along the lines of: ‘We have your mug. Don’t go to the Police. We’ll contact you with instructions.’

One volunteered a picture of the mug with today’s paper, saying it was safe and well and would be back with him soon.

Others, in a more sinister manner, sent pictures of broken mugs to indicate what had happened to other mugs in the same circumstances.

You will be delighted to hear that the mug is now back in the grateful hands of Lynch-Bell, but with that kind of tomfoolery going on in the office, TS can’t wait to see if the firm’s next set of profit figures are as cheery.

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