Singalong a Budget speech

Andrew_hubbardAs the annual Budget mayhem descends on the Accountancy Age office, TS can usually be found down the pub, spending the money collected from the regular office sweepstake on Gordon’s speech. But that’s not to say we don’t help out prior to the event.

In fact we can often be found researching what is likely to appear in the red briefcase weeks beforehand. That is how we came across a little gem from Tenon.

The company’s podcast on the Budget opens with a fanfare that would not be considered out of place at the court of King Arthur, albeit when he was in an avant-garde jazz mood. More amazingly, the opening bars were put together and performed by Tenon’s director of tax services, Andrew Hubbard.

Apparently, Andrew has a touch of the composer about him, as you can see from the picture. He also has his very own ‘musical tax blog’ in which he notes down his ‘random musings’ on both subjects.

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