FDs get a reality check

No_going_backEvery now and again, TS will play host to desperate TV execs looking for accountants to take part in their latest reality show or docu-drama. We’ve never been totally convinced that any of you lot out there were up for that sort of thing, but after sitting down to watch the telly over the last few weeks, we’ve changed our minds. And it seems to be the high fliers that really like to get in front of the camera.

First, we saw former FD Benn Coley getting up to his neck in money troubles to buy three flats in a ski resort on Channel 4’s No Going Back: A New Life in France. You would hope that his background as an FD would hold him in good stead, but then again dealing with his wife spending precious cash on leopard skin baby shoes was never part of the job description.

Next off we watched current Haymarket FD Jeremy Duckworth trying to refurbish a run-down house in Five’s Build a New Life in the Country. At the time he was project managing this renovation, he was also trying to hold down a job as FD at Williams Formula 1. TS just hopes that the change of job wasn’t connected to anything seen on the programme.

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