International Accounting Sickness Board

Calling up for some juicy gossip on the standards front, TS was initially delighted to hear the Tom Seidenstein, director of operations at the International Accounting Standards Committee Foundation had just departed on paternity leave, having become the father of a little boy over the weekend.

But then we became slightly perturbed to find out that hardly anyone else was available for a chat, as seemingly most of the office had come down with a stomach bug. TS was told that a t least 11 had gone down in the office so far.

Given the amount of travel these guys have to endure in the name of international standards, perhaps it is not surprising that they would be conduits for every bug and virus going. TS just hopes that the IASB aren’t the first to bring bird flu to the UK.

More worryingly, one of our colleagues told us they were at the IASB towards the end of last week. Frankly, if we get ill, we may consider legal action.

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