Kroll’s cold snap


TS has a begrudging admiration for the recovery experts at Kroll. They always seem to be acting glamorous and doing something just a little bit different. So it comes as no surprise that when they undertake management training, they do it with a twist.

To test the mettle of their staff, Kroll Corporate Finance has taken to sending employees to the end of the Earth, Antarctica to be precise, to ‘inspire people to create extraordinary results in preserving our environment through leadership, teamwork and personal development’. So Kroll says anyway. Just sounds cold to us.

Del Huse, a director in Kroll’s Corporate Finance practice spent three weeks on the ‘2041 Inspire Antarctic Expedition’ led by Robert Swan, the first man to walk unassisted to both poles.

In Antarctica, Del participated in a leadership training programme delivered by Robert, coaching the expedition team on how to manage team performance in extreme conditions and circumstances.

TS would imagine that such a test would be ‘Leadership on the ledge’, but why be picky?

Still, Kroll staff did learn something out there. Apparently the Antarctic ice sheet is four miles thick in places, Antarctica is the driest continent on earth, and no country has ownership of the continent – it is currently protected by treaty which expires in 2041.

Ownership issues, very important in corporate restructuring work, TS thought despairingly. 

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