Has HMRC started Pengate?

Last week’s Digita annual conference in Stratford-upon-Avon had the potential to go off like a Big Four senior partner punch-up, after HM Revenue & Customs’ Julian Hatt was lined up to talk about online services just after the announcement on shifting self assessment deadlines.

No physical punches were thrown, however Julian was quick to point out that the 200 accountants attending his seminars should ‘not shoot the messenger’. One attendee was so vocal in his protestations that Julian was heard to ask if it was an intrepid reporter from Accountancy Age.

In a gesture of goodwill, seminar attendees were offered an HMRC USB memory stick pen, but unfortunately they weren’t actually brought to the event. Details were taken, and dozens of accountants are awaiting their pens in the post. TS has therefore decided to instigate a ‘Penwatch’ ­ so Let TS know if you have received your pen as promised.

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