Brown’s out of touch with women

Gordon_brownIt was with some excitement that TS stumbled into a Treasury select committee meeting last week, with chancellor Gordon Brown facing a grilling over his Budget. After all, we hadn’t had a good long kip for a while and listening to the future PM quoting economic figures for a few hours was guaranteed to send us off to the land of nod.

But TS was made to prick up its ears at one stage when Gordy was asked about the Budget’s effects on women.

Defending the government’s record on women’s issues, he piped up with this little gem, saying that women were ‘increasingly dominating’ the accounting and financial services professions.

TS can say it was a little surprised and only just refrained from blurting out something very inappropriate in the chancellor’s general direction. A quick look at Accountancy Age’s last salary survey shows that the majority of the top jobs in business and practice are still held by men. We would be very surprised if next week’s salary survey results show a huge change.

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