JGJ’s brush with make-up

Dustin_hoffman_goes_too_farTS was loitering with intent in KPMG’s Salisbury Square lobby the other day when we happened to bump into none other than JGJ. That’s John Griffith-Jones for those not in the know about the new man’s nickname.

JGJ was having a spot of make-up applied by what we suspect was the KPMG visual effects studio while donning a purple jacket for, at least in TS’ eyes, a very unusual photo. ‘It’s for charity’, TS was told, after gawping in slightly amazed fashion at the firm’s senior partner-elect.

What was he up to, we wonder? And did he like being made up? TS has heard some members of the profession get very excited about make-up. John Whiting told TS recently that colleagues always asked him whether or not he puts on a bit of slap for his television experiences.

Any suggestions that senior members of the profession are still somewhat obsessed with its mother, mummy’s make-up set and generally getting dressed up and looking silly, would be no doubt strenuously denied.

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