Let’s get ready to rumble

Fight_nightTS has always enjoyed the spectacle that ensues when the Big Four get competitive, but it has never really reached the levels that would inspire Hollywood blockbusters. But that is not to say that some in the profession don’t while away their time dreaming up spectacular hypothetical Big Four battles.

TS was dining with a Deloitte partner last week, who was bullish on the firm’s plans to grow revenue to £2bn in two years. The partner had no doubt that Deloitte head John Connolly had the tenacity to hit the revenue target, and used a unique metaphor to express his faith in Connolly’s prowess.

‘If you took the senior partners of the Big Four firms and put them in a basement with some baseball bats, the man to come out would be John Connolly.’

TS never thought that it would see the day when accountants would form their very own version of Fight Club with weapons.

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